Our Vision

We are solving the science of investing - by which we mean to develop technology driven solutions for all kinds of financial analysis tools.

Our vision is to bring professional quality financial and investment analysis, research and management tools to all kinds of investors. We believe that humans aided by technological inputs can drive much better investment decisions than either purely algo driven approach or a purely human portfolio manager approach.


Currently our platform DistrictD is available on demand for investors looking to do in-depth fundamental research on Indian markets. The platform comes with access to working models for over 500 listed companies in India and the entire bouquet of fundamental analysis tools.

We also offer custom developed platforms for institutional firms looking to adopt new and efficient means of working.

DistrictD platform is a web platform which provides you the following:

  • Dynamic web models (with business drivers incorporated in models) of over 500 listed Indian companies. We plan to cover more than 1,000 companies on the platform eventually.
  • A host of analysis tools to do valuations, peer analysis, bottoms-up industry models, premium/ discount charts, estimates trends and analysis, stock screening, custom financial and valuation analysis.
  • Creation of complete working environment with our productivity tools such as knowledge management tool in the form of Notes, Publisher to publish standard reports, daily calendar with automatic earnings updates, email alerts all hosted within a closed and safe cloud environment for you.


DistrictD is the proprietary technology platform of Utopian Dreams Private Limited (“Utopian Dreams”).

Utopian Dreams, founded in 2016, is an upcoming Indian company which aims to bring technology to core finance domains to remove inefficiencies and empower professionals to do much more in lesser time.

About the Founders:

  • Udit Garg : Udit has extensive experience in equity markets at JP Morgan and Religare Capital covering the Technology and Telecom domains across India and Asia. He has done his Masters from ISB Hyderabad and Bachelors in Technology from IIT Delhi
  • Vikas Chand : Alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. He has previous experience in Corporate Banking with ICICI and HDFC Bank and has been a banker to some of the largest corporates in India.