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Published on 07/09/2018 12:00 AM


The past few weeks have been about currency wars, trade wars and a lot of things moving about and on within India itself. As a result stock markets have also been moving around. This does indeed present opportunities for investors – “buy into interesting stocks which have corrected a bit?” or “play into the export theme?” or “sell when there is still a good price?”. Either ways the dynamics of market are what keeps the juices going for us. 

We believe that humans aided by technological tools can analyse much better and deeper than either a purely human driven approach or a purely algo driven one. So we feel any analyst aided by their intellect and using DistrictD web models and tools can analyse the market dynamics like a boss. The models allow them to do varied analysis such as calculating the impact of INR depreciation on IT companies, Or the impact of Rising fuel prices on Airline companies profitability; Or commodity prices on any of the metals/mining companies etc. Stock buybacks, fund raising, cost of capital and several other themes can be analysed using our models. 

The human thought is ever encompassing and though it is next to impossible to build models to analyse anything and everything, our models do provide a starting point and a quick access to a database of 750 companies working models. So there is a good way to factor in most of your thought process, and where the platform may be short currently we are always there to help anyways.

A platform like DistrictD allows fund managers, investors and analysts to cast a wider net on their own coverage. A single professional can mentally keep track of 20-30 companies, and some might claim even 50-80 companies. However the current market paradigm, with high valuations and a huge liquid market, requires one to deepen and expand their coverage. I believe most of you will agree that you are now looking beyond the regular top 150 companies. There have been more than 300 new listings alone over the past 3 years adding to all the small caps of the older generations which have suddenly grown to meaningful sizes now. We despite 750 companies, are still getting requests on weekly basis to put up the odd one that we have missed so far.

One good way to see if a business has actually grown is to see how revenue and EBITDA have moved on a quarterly basis over the past 15 odd quarters. So we built a Quarterly data sheet in our models, which presents a fantastic time series view of the quarterly performance of the company. What more you can save your expectations for next quarter and over time will be able to track which companies beat or missed expectations.

We are also in the process of launching our first “Qualitative” information sets and also expanding the scale of quantitative sets significantly. The first set of qualitative information would include things like basic geographical presence, products, management and links to company press material. Over time we believe that these qualitative sets would become hugely relevant with several analytical tools and models built just for them alone.

While our numbers are still very small and nothing to really talk of, we have seen some of our users now login over a 100 times already in our still short life and a few others who are rapidly moving towards that number. We feel integrated web modeling and analytical systems are now emerging and are seeing rapid uptake by various stakeholders. In the previous month alone over 300 web models were accessed using DistrictD technology. To help smoothen your ability to understand and adopt onto this new concept, we have taken a few measures including putting up a Help Walktour on every web page that shows how to use the various features. For any other help and support queries users can always drop us an email at [email protected] and we are always happy to help.

As usual please do keep sending us your regular feedback and what you want. One of the biggest motivators for us has been the regular feedback and challenges thrown at us by our users. 

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