Udit Garg

Published on 13/01/2017 12:00 AM


We wonder

  • Why do retail investors lose money each time?
  • Why do analysts cover only top 100 companies, whereas there are so many hidden gems beyond that?
  • Why is critical information held in silos or with certain cliques for profiteering?
  • Why is investing the domain of only a few elite?

But what can we do?

  • Can we empower the all investors with same tools enhanced in productivity by technological advancements?
  • Can we enable analysts to broadcast their ideas to a much wider forum and for a much larger coverage?
  • Can we enable better collaboration between groups of people to make better decisions?
  • Can we help the largest and even the smallest investors to make better investment decisions?
  • Can we make markets more efficient?

We decided enough of kicking the CAN down the road. We have taken the CAN and now working on a solution to address it and send it to the museum. This is what motivates us for District D.

Our efforts are based on certain beliefs which define our core philosophy.

  • We believe people on the ground have lots of information – However those people do not have the tools to assess it.
  • We believe in unbiased market forces, unbiased market expectations, unbiased information
  • We believe in collective wisdom of market participants – we are old school and still believe many human heads are better than the One champion or the all killing AI
  • We believe even professional investors are looking for on ground information – find it valuable
  • We believe humans want to share their brilliant ideas with the world
  • We believe collaboration will help refine the markets
  • We believe in the Utopian future

We are working towards a goal, help us get there in any way you can. Please contact us at [email protected].

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